Welcome to CG Boxing Club, where passion for boxing meets fitness and well-being.

Founded in March 2022 by Connor Gorham, a professional boxing trainer with a license from the BBBofC, CG Boxing Club offers personalised 1-1 boxing, fitness classes, and personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

For Connor, boxing and fitness played a crucial role in overcoming difficult times in his life, and that is why he is passionate about promoting fitness and making a positive impact on people's mental health and overall well-being.

At CG Boxing Club, we believe that physical fitness is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good and being healthy both mentally and physically.

Our experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

Whether you're a seasoned boxer or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, we have something for everyone at CG Boxing Club.

So come and join us today, and let's work together towards a healthier and happier you.


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The brand was founded in ‘lockdown’ 2020 by former amateur and professional boxer Connor Gorham.

The eye catching logo was originally designed to go on his boxing kit, however having retired early from injuries he became to seek greatness in other areas.

Whilst driving taxis in a global recession he utilised his time to come up with ‘CG FITNESS’ designing comfortable and fashionable sports apparel which now continues to grow throughout the UK and parts of the world.

In 2021 when the brand was settled and finally speaking for itself. Connor decided to make the jump from driving taxis to a full time boxing and fitness trainer finding the love again for the sport.

By using parks, other gyms and then building a boxing ring out of wood in his dads back garden, his demand for training was becoming more popular.

When things began to open back up, Connor then made the decision to get his professional boxing trainers licence with the BBBofC.

At this time, Connors fiancée Bree was pregnant with their first child expecting a baby girl, This gave him the motivation to look for his own gym and continue to create a legacy for the family.

Coincidentally an opportunity come up where one of his 1-1 clients was giving up his storage unit nearby. Connor saw this a perfect opportunity to Pursue his dream of having his own boxing club. With great help from a close friend, Just 2 week after his baby girl (Malibu) was born, he established CG Boxing Club in Ramsgate April 2022.

CG Boxing Club was more of a studio/garage just for 1-1’s originally but Connor was determined to make it work. It wasn’t long before he was getting fully booked and pushed to do group sessions and take on classes.

Although the space was small, Connor continued to utilise what he had and made the best out of it. However it eventually got to the point where he regrettably was forced to turn people away.

Seeing the positive impact boxing and fitness was having on people that came through his doors, this was not good enough and felt the need to expand to share the experience with more people in need of this service.

Connor began to hunt for new bigger places but nothing was available at the time for what he wanted to do. Until one day he received a phone call from someone he knew asking him if he wants to take over their business which happed to be a wellness centre in Broadstairs.

A place where Connor had been many times and actually had some great experiences. Already knowing what the place looked like, the potential sprung to Connor’s mind and could not refuse this opportunity. Connor said yes and agreed to the deal before he even knew it was possible to take on.

Connor was in a race against time to come up with the funds but was determined to make it work. With a cocktail of manifestation, hard work, early mornings and late nights, help from a good friend (Chris) and a successful sponsorship meeting (Leadbeatter’s Labour Limited) On 1/04/23 Connor was able to turn his dreams into reality.

He now today has his very own Gym (CG Fitness) with a boxing club (CG Boxing Club) and a wellness centre (CG Wellness Club) where he continues to grow his family business whilst helping others along the way.